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       from a dream to reality...       

Bervin Jenkins affectionately known as BJ or Min J decided that ENOUGH was ENOUGH when his wife Karen could no longer wear the designer fragrances, that he would often surprise her with from his many travels around the world. After witnessing his wife endure excessive hospitalizations; Bervin learned that not only was she allergic to several medications, but she was also allergic to most skincare products as well. So about 10 years ago he went on a quest to research as much as he could about natural skin care products. Upon his discoveries he was amazed at all of the knowledge that he received on natural minerals and essential oils. Bervin began to share this information with his wife and her team of physicians. He asked questions and was not pleased with the responses that he was given. After many EPIC fails with the medications, he finally encouraged and convinced Karen to give some natural products a try.


Medications was only one piece of the puzzle that needed to be tweaked. The other was creating a sensible and well balanced meal plan. Due to digestion problems and food allergies; Parts of Karen's stomach were removed and a GASTRIC PACEMAKER was installed in her left abdomen. This prompted Bervin to make the decision that when he was not traveling for business, he would prepare all of their meals according to her special diet. Some days after working long tiresome hours, he still came home and gave the love of his life daily body rubs with essential oils, shea butter and a few other key ingredients. To his surprise; these homemade remedies were very EFFECTIVE. He would see the swelling in his wife's joints dissipate after only a few minutes of this special treatment. The texture of her skin changed with handmade lotions and butters. The BONUS was seeing her WALK without PAIN!


Karen was so excited that she begin to research and try recipes weekly; until she had created over 30 formulas ranging from body butters, lip balms, beard oils, face creams, nasal inhalers, roller bottles, bath teas, foot soaks and etc. Over the years Bervin, Karen and their children have become a product of their products. After sharing some of their creations with family, friends and physicians; they received positive feedback and testimonials that triggered a LIGHT BULB moment. The B.I.G. picture became clear and made them realize that other families could truly benefit from these products. They prayed, waited patiently on the Lord's instructions, applied for a license and the rest is history. To WIN beautifully simply means to WALK IN NEWNESS with style and grace. Every day that we live offers new grace and mercies, which in turn presents us with another opportunity to W.I.N.

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